Inaugural Veterans Day Parade - 1947 in Birmingham, AL

The nation celebrates its first ever National Veterans Day with a parade in downtown Birmingham, AL in 1947 in an effort to honor all veterans. The time honored tradition continues today.


Freedom Lives Established

Mayor Bell, John Hornsby, and David Dyson establish "Freedom Lives," a year-round effort to honor National Veterans Day in November and Birmingham's distinctions for Civil Rights and the shared value of Freedom.


Birmingham - Where Freedom Lives

We celebrate Birmingham's contribution to freedom. The freedom of life and liberty. The freedom of civil and human rights. See a timeline of Birmingham's rich commitment to keep freedom alive.


General Krulak’s Plea for “The City of Freedom”

Charles Krulak, President of Birmingham Southern College and former decorated commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps recent article in suggesting a name change for Birmingham from the Magic City to The City of Freedom.


General Eisenhower and Raymond Weeks

In November 1946, Raymond Weeks had the chance to present the concept of National Veterans Day to then General Eisenhower at the Pentagon in Washington D.C., effectively coining the term Veterans Day and creating history.


Congressional resolution salutes Birmingham's Veterans Day tradition

Both Birmingham area representatives in the U.S. Congress sponsored a resolution recognizing the significance of Birmingham's Veterans Day.